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Jiangsu Qianyili Intelligent Technology CO.,LTD. provides the whole follow-up service of pre-sale consultation, the post-sale technical support , persisting in taking the customer as the center.

Lifelong service: All Xinrui products implement the lifelong service.
Technical support: 86-0519-88996508

Sales network: Xinrui sets up the office in each place or is responsible by the specialist, to response the customers fastest.

Service regulation: free pre-sale door-to-door service, post-sale:
(1) free door-to-door service.(during the time of warranty)
(2)servicemen contact with the procuring entity to confirm the service time, then servicemen come to the procuring entity. Not over 4 hours with domestic working organization, or not over 24 hours without it.

(3)Post-sale life service (expiry of warranty), it needs charges  spares cost and hotel expense.

Tel: 86-0519-88996508

Contact person :Matter organization

Address: NO.3, Cuili Road, Cuiqiao Industrial, Cuiqiao Town, Changzhou, Jiangsu.  Tel:+86-0519-88996508 E-mail:asd@xinruimc.com 
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