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Jiangsu Qianyili Intelligent Technology CO.,LTD. is a plastic with many years’ professional accumulated management experiences,integrated of manufacturing,R&D,technology innovations,sales and services.

The company produce machines like vertical injection machine,angle type thermoplastic,thermos-etting (BAKELITE,BMC,DMC,SMC),liquid silicon rubber,metal injection, capable of supplying fast,high efficient,en-vironment friendly,energy saving,dual or multi-color,full(semi-)closed loop,energy storage (fast rubber injection),servo control,special machines and auto-matic equipments.

The R&D of Xinrui riyue Machinery cooperated with top class research instuitions of machinery, hydraulic pressure and electrical from home and abroad, with the development of market to produce faster, more precision,better and energy saving & environment friendly,automatic and humanistic equipments.

With the ideology of ahead technology innovation, to gain market share by quality,to develop by trust& honesty, XinRui Riyue Machinery will supply full series professional technological suppor and designs. Cooperate with customers to make innovati-ons and development, perpetual operations to step to a bright future!

Address: NO.3, Cuili Road, Cuiqiao Industrial, Cuiqiao Town, Changzhou, Jiangsu.  Tel:+86-0519-88996508 E-mail:asd@xinruimc.com 
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